Pressure Washing

We specialize in:

  • -Exterior houses / buildings
  • -Pool / Porch enclosures
  • -Driveway / Sidewalk / Walkways
  • -Roof Cleaning
  • -Security Wall
  • -Fencing
  • -and any other exterior structure


J and H Inc, since 2002,  specializes in residential and commercial Pressure Washing.  We use top of the line commercial equipment accompanied by quality workmanship. We strive as a company to meet and exceed your expectations.  We guarantee our work and know that you will be happy with the outcome.

Please CONTACT US so you can enjoy the feeling of having your property look new once again.



1) How often should I pressure wash?

Regular pressure washing will help prolong the life of your paint and should be done at least once per year.


2) Will I have to paint after pressure washing?

In most cases you will not need to paint.  Pressure washing will remove the dirt, bugs, grime, mildew, algae and mold which will improve the home’s curb appeal and help prolong the life of the paint.


3) I work during the week; do I need to be home while the work is being performed?

No, we do this full time and understand your busy schedule and that your time is valuable.


4) Can you clean my pool / porch screens without damaging them?

Yes, we rely on our years of experience and professional knowledge to ensure that proper care is taken to not damage your property.  The screens and spline should be in good to fair condition, we can discuss this with you prior to performing the required work.


5) Do you use any chemicals when you pressure wash?

Yes, we use an application of diluted chlorine to assist in the removal of the algae, mold and mildew followed by pressure washing with regular water.


 6) What do I need to do before you come to pressure wash?

For the driveway; have the cars, door mats, potted plants moved off the areas to be cleaned.

For the house: we will need access all the way around the house, any gates will need to be unlocked and pets put away.  Any thing leaning against the house should be moved.  Any bushes or trees that you would like to have cleaned behind should be cut back two feet from the house.

For the pool / porch; all items should be removed from these areas, such as pool toys, potted plants, decorative wall hangings, pool equipment and anything that you do not wish to get wet.  Any large items such as patio furniture, large storage bins and grills can be left on the patio at your discretion.  We will be happy to discuss any questions you may have.


7) I have a stain on my driveway, can you get this off?

In most cases we can lighten the stained area but cannot remove it by pressure washing.  Some examples are: Oil or grease from the car, rust from sprinklers or car parts, iron stains from fertilizers, tar or paint spills.


8 ) I am going to be painting my house and have a lot of areas where the paint is peeling; will pressure washing remove all the loose paint?

Pressure washing is a critical step in a paint preparation process.  Pressure washing will remove a good portion of any loose paint but should not be used as a substitute to the process of scraping away and sanding the areas that are loose, peeling or bubbled.


9) Do you bring your own water or do you use mine.

We will attach one of our hoses to your outside water supply.  In some circumstances we can bring water to the job site, this would need to be discussed prior to an estimate in order that the proper arrangements can be made.