Lawn Care

We specialize in:

  • -Yearly Turf Maintenance (Mow, edge, line trim, blow)
  • -Hedge / Shrub Maintenance
  • -Weed Control in concrete and flower beds
  • -Property Cleanup / Hauling
  • -Irrigation System Checks
  • -Mulch
  • -Re-sodding
  • -Landscape Design and Install
  • -Tree Trimming
  • -If we don’t do, we know someone that can


J and H Inc, since 2002, offers a full lawn care service to residential and commercial customers. Quality equipment accompanied by detailed / experienced workmanship will guarantee a well maintained property. We strive as a company to meet and exceed your expectations. We guarantee our work and know that you will be happy with the look of your property.


Please CONTACT US today to get on your way to a well maintained property.



 1. Why do I need professional Lawn Care?

In Florida, proper care of the lawn is critical to its survival.  Proper cutting height, irrigation, fertilization and quick recognition of problems will help maintain proper turf condition.

2. How many times a week is service performed?

Yearly service is performed once per week during summer months(April-October) and 2 times per month during winter months(November-March).  Total of 40 service days per year.  Your price stays the same all 12 months.  If fewer/more service dates are needed; we will discuss to suit your needs.

3. What happens if is rains on my scheduled day?

If it rains enough to postpone service for the day; service will be performed on the next day of the week.

4. What am I responsible for once service begins with J and H Inc?

In most cases, we will take care of 95% of the maintenance needs for the property.  Of course removing all hazards from the yard (toys/water hoses/newspapers/debris) is expected of you before your service day.  Proper watering and fertilization will be critical to the appearance of the turf.  We will be happy to discuss with you, if there is a need.

5. Do I need to be home when service is performed?

No, we do this full time and we understand you may not be home when service is performed.  If you have a gate, access will be required if you are not home.

 6. If I need something else done to my property, do you offer other services?

Yes, we offer full service Lawn Care and Pressure Washing.  If you want something done, we can do it.  If we don’t do it we usually know someone that can.

 7. Is there a contract for your service?

No, we do not require a signed contract. (EXCLUDING COMMERCIAL)  Since 2002, we have built this business on meeting and exceeding your expectations for the duration of time we agree on.